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 "HEARTSTRINGS" - a Beautiful collection of healing harp music for reducing stress,

                                               anxiety and inducing restful sleep.

                                              ****Click HERE to listen to "Greensleeves/Scarborough Fair"


"RESTFUL PEACE" - A Guided Relaxation featuring Harp and Voice to bring Calmness

                                              and Peace to your Body and Mind

                                              ****Click HERE to listen to a Sample of "Restful Peace"


"SWEET STRINGS" - The mystical, warm, resonant sounds of the Celtic  harp,

                                                accompanied by the sweet strings of the Violin has resulted in

                                                an exquisite combination of sound and beauty.

                                                ****Click HERE to listen to "If I Were a Carpenter"


"LOCHS, GLENS & INGLES"- A collection of beautiful Scottish Music and Songs

                                                          featuring Celtic Harp, Violin, Flute and Scottish Highland

                                                         Pipes.  A Bonus CD takes the listener on a

                                                         Musical/Storytelling journey of the life of Sylvia Mary

                                                         Middleton, WW11 Scottish War Bride.

                                                        ****Click HERE to listen to "Loch Tay Boat Song"







Item: Heartstrings
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Item: Sweet Strings
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